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Biased Media Left in Denial
Those wacky liberals....a couple of recent posts highlight how much they are in denial over their bias and the mainstream media's bias. Evidence of the bias has been repeatedly and continually highlighted and presented. Yet here we have two left media representatives trying to tell people that the real problem is that the leftist biased media is not standing up to those mean right wingers who are calling them biased. Of course, their comments give the game away.
I'm baffled that America hasn't thrown George Bush in prison
All your stated reasons for taking this country into an unnecessary war turn out to be complete horse#%$!
Well, I think I know where he gets his information from.

These guys just don't get it. The blog community has managed to do one thing, and that is to blunt the influence of the leftist main stream media. The days when people like Dan Rather and Mary Mapes can put one over on the people without breaking a sweat have gone. Heck, I might as well plug Glen Reynolds book 'Army of Davids'.

Of course, their waning influence has led them to cry foul and that the people who demand news and not left wing speils are
bent on destroying an institution that serves as a check on government abuses
That's funny. I don't remember the constitution creating the media as a check on government abuses. I always thought they were just there to report news. It seems however that they are just like the little spoilt kid who likes to hurl insults at others (see previous comment about thinking George Bush is a criminal) and yet can't take it when others call them to account.

The denial of the 'reality-based community' is truly something to behold.
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