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Quick Links - Media, morality and Truth
Is the media really biased? A couple of good reminders are around today to help you answer.

The national review has a quickie about a soldier in iraq commenting on their high morale "CAPTAIN SHERMAN POWELL: Well sir, I'd tell you, if I got my news from the newspapers I'd be pretty depressed as well.". Priceless.

Tim Blair has a good roundup of lack of disclosure in the Sydney Morning Herald and the Melbourne Age. It seems the journalists are using comments by a left-wing communist to try and bash the government. Check it out and notice how glaring the ommission really is.

Multiculturalism continues to take hits. This opinion piece in US News continues the trend of questioning its value. Hopefully more and more people will realise that all cultures are not equal and morality is not just a matter of opinion.

Speaking of morality, anyone following the Terri Schiavo or Maria Korp cases will no doubt have been exposed to the idea that death by starvation was a pleasant, peaceful experience. Life Site news has an article that clearly shows how pathetic that notion is. Apparently, a woman trying to kill herself by starvation has given up as it just got too darned unpleasant. Next time you see such a claim about how pleasant death by dehydration and starvation is, be sure to write in and correct this pathetic, self-serving lie.

Cindy Sheehan is using the death of her son to push her own political views. How hard is it to see that she has questionable morals and motives? This coverage at Newhouse News Service by James Lileks provides good background into just how self-serving her theatrics are.
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