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Media bias shock
Every so often you hear some left wing, socialist darwinist complain that the media is a right wing pupper. And this from those who call themselves the 'reality based community'. Apparently their reality is not quite real.

Here is a simple little exercise to help identify which way the media is biased on the Intelligent design(ID) issue. A recent Gallup/CNN/ABC poll identified that over 80% of americans believe in some kind of intelligent design. If the U.S. media was unbiased, or even neutral, you would expect to see over 80% of U.S. media reports being either favorable to ID or neutral on the topic. Of course, the reverse is true. For instance, just look at the York Daily Records coverage of the Dover ID trial. You can quickly notice how the paper reports any comments against ID as positively factual and any positive ID statements as dubious. Other papers continue to try and cast ID proponents as anti-science and religiously motivated.

Simply listening the the media is obviously a bad way to learn about any topic. They are not neutral and often biased strongly compared to the general population. Take everything you hear with large grains of salt.
I think you misunderstand "unbias" in media. Reporters don't reflect the opinions of the people. What they are supposed to do is find and report the truth. Since ID is transparent hogwash, you should expect the bulk of reporting about it to reflect this.
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