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How to tell if an Atheist is not objective
1) If they quote a worthless study by Gregory S Paul (who draws dinosaurs) which claims that religion is bad for society.

Many atheists claim to be skeptical and rational in their approach. In fact, they oft claim they are more rational and more skeptical that theists.

Yet when it comes to having reviewing evidence that supports their belief system, that rationality and skepticism seems to vanish.

Add PZ Myers to the long list of atheists who have shown their lack of objectivity, and therefore their trustworthiness.
Why I Don't Vote Labor
Let me get this straight.

We are told we are in the worst financial crisis since the great depression, and that unemployment will rise, and more people will fail to make ends meet.

So what does the government do?

Firstly, they change IR laws to make it tougher for businesses to make ends meet.

Secondly, they raise immigration, increasing the pool of workers which are going to compete for fewer jobs.

Finally, they push through climate change legislation (unlike pretty much every other nation which has decided not to) which will increase the cost of living.

None of these effects are disputed.

So essentially, under Labor's brain dead actions, more businesses will go bankrupt, more people will become unemployed and more people will fail to be able to support themselves.

Congratulations for all those who voted for Labor. At least you got your apology for the not so stolen generations.

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