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Tim Blair Catches up on David Hicks
As I mentioned before, the furore of David Hicks being held for 5 years without trial is a crock. David Hicks' lawyers and many others are deliberately delaying the process. As Tim Blair reports, Leigh Sales, the ABC national security correspondent confirms this is the chief tactic of the Hicks defense team.
The Hicks defence strategy relies on delaying the process for so long that the Australian Government will be forced to ask for the prisoner’s return.
Yep. The hypocrisy of these people is amazing. Create the delay to create an outcry about the delay.

And yes...I have to isn't often that you beat Tim Blair to the punch.

Update: Thanks to Tim for the link.


Kinda reminds one of the latest argument against the death penalty: after defense attorneys appeal and appeal and appeal and appeal, and then for good measure appeal some more, they argue that the death penalty should be abolished because it's too expensive. Feh.
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