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Lying with Graphics

The latest strategy for helping free a terrorist who committed treason against he country is clear. Lie.
They say a picture speaks ten thousand words. This new image of David Hicks — created by a world renowned face recognition expert — is a graphic illustration of the passage of time David Hicks has being left to languish in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Five years in isolated detention, without trial, leaps out in this image. It's a ghost of the David Hicks we're used to seeing, and one that reflects the accurate descriptions of his Australian lawyer, David McLeod, who has just seen him.

This picture has also prompted veteran journalist Ray Martin to publicly, and very powerfully declare, that he's "ashamed to be an Aussie" over the Federal Government's response to David Hicks, wisely asking "what has happened to the Aussie 'fair go'? ".
How the heck does "Five years in isolated detention, without trial, leaps out in this image."??? Anyone? And of course, the 'graphical illustration' MUST be accurate because his lawyer said it was. You know, that lawyer who is trying to get popular support back home so that Hicks the 'wayward aussie' can come home for a 'fair' trial. (And people complain that our politicians endanger relations with comments about the iraq war, yet they happily insult america at every turn).

This image is a cheap, deceitful and lame attempt to play on peoples emotions. We have little idea what Hicks looks like. If other prisoners are used as an example, then he has probably gained weight.

If you look into why David Hicks has been held for 5 years without trial (other than the fact that we are still at war) you find this little gem.
But appeals and other trial hold-ups, which have been consistently used to test the legality of military charges against Guantanamo detainees, could extend the imminent military trial date by months.
So who is holding the trials up? It certainly isn't the prosecution that is trying to call into question the legality of the trial. It is the defense attorneys for people just like David Hicks.

Of course, another great fact is that only 1/3 of the over half a million dollars given to the tv campaign to bring Hicks home has gone into that promotion. The rest went on expenses and salaries. Someone should tell Dick Smith.

This whole thing is a farce. If an Australian citizen is caught smuggling drugs or committing murder in another country, they get tried in that country. That's how it works. Why is David Hicks any different? Is it just because the anti-war crowd are involved?
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