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Pope's Muslims and the Real Issue
In thinking about the storm that Pope Benedict's comments have caused, I was thinking about why the Muslim's are so upset. What was the insult that so got them mad? It wasn't saying that Islam was spread by the sword, it was calling it evil to spread Islam by the sword. There in lies the clash of civilizations and the realisation that most on the left just don't get it. Most Muslim's feel there is nothing morally wrong with spreading their religion by force. They can't stand it when someone says it is wrong, and so they go on their violent spree of destruction.

What this means is that I think I was wrong yesterday in talking about irony. It isn't an ironic response by the Muslim's, as they weren't getting upset at being called violent, they were upset at someone calling their violence evil. To say this is ironic is essentially begging the question on whether their violence is evil.
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