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The Terror of the Left
A couple of days ago I talked about the Palestinian's electing a terrorist organisation to lead them and how many on the left defending this as 'progress'. Dennis Prager, Middle East expert has also weighed in and reached similar conclusions. From his article
On just about every issue, the Left lives in a childlike fantasy realm. Their views are expressions of what they wish for, not what actually is. Here is a small sample:

* Support for terror represents a tiny sliver of the Muslim world.
* All cultures are essentially morally equivalent.
* The United Nations is a wonderful institution and the best hope of mankind.
* Men and women are basically the same.
* It makes no difference whether children are raised by a loving man and woman or by two loving parents of the same sex.
* Violent criminals in our society are pushed into crime by socioeconomic circumstances, not because of their own flawed characters and values.
* War is not the answer.

The list of leftist positions based on a rejection of reality is as long as a list of leftist positions.
Denial is a fear response. You could say that the left are 'terrorfied'.
I can't agree more with Dennis on this one. If only someone could explain this to the left.
The problem is that the right isn't doing any better with it's "democracy is the cure for Islamic problem." As the Palestinian election proved, just being democratic doesn't solve the Islamic problem.
Two essays on the origins & consequences of the universal insanity.



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