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The Palestinian State
The recent election of Hamas to the Palestinian Authority should be a wakeup call to the left. Here we have a democratically elected party whose aim is to destroy Israel and has had years of proving just how important that aim is to them. The Palestinian people obviously agreed with this aim. So now we have a 'state' essentially at war with Israel, not just a small terrorist group. Israel could quite simply respond with a massive attack and I am not sure I would fault them for it.

The left however, seems to continue in their grand delusion of the plight of the Palestinian people. The UK's guardian shows this clearly in a couple of articles. The first, where Gerald Kaufman tells us that Hamas election victory is all Ariel Sharon's fault (Shades of everything being Bush's fault I guess....The left only play one tune). Note how this article ignores the current Israeli's governments attempts at moving towards a two state solution.

The second article is even more bewildering. Here Jonathan Steele tells us that
Hamas's triumph in Wednesday's Palestinian elections is the best news from the Middle East for a long time. The poll was a more impressive display of democracy than any other in the region, outstripping last year's votes in Lebanon and Iraq both in turnout and the range of views that candidates represented.
The left reveals it's true colours. As long as a violent terrorist organisation is out to destroy Israel, it's election is obviously the 'best news'. Even more insanely, the author goes on to tell us that
Wednesday's election was remarkable also in owing nothing to Washington's (selective) efforts to promote democracy in the Arab world. Instead, it was further proof that civil society in Palestine is more vibrant than anywhere else in the region
Obviously a society that wants to wipe Israel off the map is 'civil'.

Some people seem to think that a society voting in a violent terrorist organisation thats stated goal is to destroy its neighbour is 'progress'. Just remember this next time someone on the left calls themselves a 'progressive'.
I've talked with a few people about this and they tend to respond with the following:

- Hamas will moderate now that they are in power

- Hamas only won because Fatah is so corrupt

- Israel had Jewish terrorists in it's gov't and they moderated

- The Hamas charter doesn't apply anymore since all of the original leadership is dead or in prison.

All I get is silence when I point out that all Hamas needs to do is publicly, in English and Arabic, renounce violence and state the right of Israel to exist. And, there is silence when I ask if the Palenstinians would be better off if they just quit fighting and turned towards productive pursuits. This whole thing reads like some demented black comedy.
Yep. That sounds about right. Just serious denial from people on the left.

Between Iran and Palestine, things are looking dark.
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