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More Swedish Goodness
I briefly mentioned yesterday about problems in Sweden , with poor moral fibre in the supposed bastion of secular humanist ideals. Well, it seems there is even more to the down side of Sweden (and Europe) than previously mentioned. Riding Sun has the details.
It sounds impossible, but it's true. For all the myths of equality that Europe tells itself, the Continent is by and large a woeful place for a woman who aspires to lead. According to a paper published by the International Labor Organization this past June, women account for 45 percent of high-level decision makers in America, including legislators, senior officials and managers across all types of businesses. In the U.K., women hold 33 percent of those jobs. In Sweden—supposedly the very model of global gender equality—they hold 29 percent.

Germany comes in at just under 27 percent, and Italian women hold a pathetic 18 percent of power jobs
And the cause of this problem? Welfare apparently. Reality always comes back to avenge itself.
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