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Scandavian and European Society
A week or so back, I was reading a discussion on how Australia should follow the Scandinavian model of socialism...err welfare. The author, Fred Argy seems to love Scandinavia. (Scandinavian countries are Denmark, Sweden and Norway). Of course, when I think of Scandinavia, I think of a morally poor society that is, like most of Europe, going to implode in the very near future.

More signs of the Scandinavian and European collapse of moral fibre keep coming out. It seems that a politician in Holland is calling for forced abortions on those deemed as unfit to raise children (Eugenics anyone?). Thankfully, there isn't much support for this yet. Time will tell whether they implode from aging population/welfare state problems, get put under Sharia law, or start accepting more and more eugenics ideas first.

Sweden, the height of moral liberalism, is also crumbling under the weight of the true fallen nature of people, where the crime rate exceeds that of New York City, Violent outdoor muggings continue to increase at an alarming rate (15% last year), drug abuse is out of control with a doubling of the number of overdose deaths in the last 10 years and finally, the incidince of rape is one of the highest in the world.

I would hardly be using europe for a role model.
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