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Education - US Judge understands lack of neutrality
In a post yesterday, I decried the NSW teacher's federation pushing a sex-ed plan that asked children to visualise being kissed by a member of the same sex and pushed other value judgements on the children about sexuality. The idea that their view of morality is unbiased or neutral and should be the one taught is patently false.

Today, Human Events Online has an article by Phyllis Schlafly regarding a US Federal judge who has just ruled that teaching of only one moral opinion in sex ed violates the 1st amendment.
Judge Alexander Williams Jr.'s decision found that the curriculum "presents only one view on the subject - that homosexuality is a natural and morally correct lifestyle - to the exclusion of other perspectives." This "one-sided information," he said, threatens parents' and children's First Amendment rights.

It seems that at least some judges and parents are waking up and realising that the lie of relativism is being used to teach a completely different value system to their children. It is also good to see that the Judge here recognized that the secular humanist values being pushed onto kids falls under the 1st amendment, ie is religious. A glimmer of hope
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