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Education - The teachers federation agenda
I just came accross this article in the Daily Telegraph talking about some of the sex education being done in New South Wales schools.
The minister's action followed revelations in The Daily Telegraph that students as young as 14 had been asked at school to place themselves in an imaginary world dominated by homosexuals and lesbians.
Ms Tebbutt banned the program used at a western Sydney high school in which Year 9 children were told to visualise themselves being kissed by a member of the same sex.
The controversial lesson, branded by critics as "brainwashing and social engineering", provoked an avalanche of letters to The Daily Telegraph yesterday.
The Teachers' Federation wrote to Ms Tebbutt stating it was "appalled" by her decision to cut the program.

Absolutely shocking. The objective sounding teachers federation is 'appalled' that a minister would stop teacher's forcing children to visualize being kissed by a member of the same sex.

The NSW Teachers federation (The Union for State school teachers in NSW) responses can be viewed here and here.
Note the automatic slanderous use of 'homophobic', a common tactic by the homosexual movement.

The teachers federation response lists many important things that should be dealt with, for instance stopping bullying and suicides of homosexuals, yet even with the curriculum guidelines do not indicate that students should be visualising that sort of thing. Clearly the teachers federation has an agenda, and it seems quite strongly the homosexual agenda.

Notice also the curriculum
affirming diversity
[of all sorts] is promoting someones idea of morality. Multiculturalism, that all cultures and beliefs are equally valid, is the catchphrase of the secular humanist morality. This is what Australian taxpayers money is going towards; Indoctrinating our children into someone elses vastly different ideas of morality and the world. Clearly, something needs to be done.
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