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Malcolm Turnbull is a moron
I normally reserve the 'M' word for Richard Dawkins, but Malcolm Turnbull is a moron.

Lets review the facts...

Malcolm wants to try and force all his liberal friends to vote FOR Labors Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS). This is insanely stupid on so many levels.

1) Politically, agreeing with the opposing party gains you no benefit and considering every new survey that comes out shows the population becoming more and more skeptical, there is only political benefit from opposing the scheme, which looks to cost the average Aussie around $1,100 per year at least. It is ironic to find a Liberal supporting an environment scheme even the Greens won't support.

Worse still, he is trying to force a party line vote, which has never been how the Liberal party does things. That is how Labor does things.

Copenhagen will not be swayed by whether Australia has an ETS, so there is no sensible reason to hurry and try and pass the legislation.

2) Economically, there is no benefit to Australia as the ETS as our impact on temperature (even according the to alarmists) that any reduction in our green house gas emissions will be non-existent. Hence ANY cost hurts Australia economically.

Naive, nice sounding programs that actually hurt us all in the long run are Labor's specialty, not the Liberals.

3) Scientifically, the case that man-made global warming is a world ending threat are unravelling. The data has been manipulated and fudged by a bunch of scientists desperate to have their religion change the world. The climate computer models are broken and unreliable.

The recent climategate emails are only the latest in a long line of evidence that this is the case.

4) Morally. Everyone keeps telling us that global warming is a moral issue. And it is. People have died because of this scam already. Supporting the impoverishment of people on uncertain science, and bad economics is morally reprehensible.

I assume Malcolm isn't a moral monster, so the only other reasonable conclusion is that he is a moron, and more than likely a closet Labor party member.
Go Malcolm!
Well, he did try to run for a labor seat before he ended up with the liberal one didn't he?
insanely stupid on so many levels. can i refrain that to ALL LEVELS.
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