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The Testing Begins - MSM Strangely absent
Agreeing with Joe Biden, I was pretty sure that major enemies of freedom would start to move as soon as Obama was in power, testing the resolve of the new President, who already appeared weaker than Bush.

Of course, the only news I had read around Obama's inauguration was that Iran was trying to get Obama to apologise.

That's what I get for relying on the Obama-infatuated MSM....

The real news...
1) China released a new Military white paper announcing it's intent to secure regional hegemony within the decade.
2) Iran launches a satellite on a rocket capable of being an ICBM. Troubling with their soon to be nuclear capability
3) Russia bribes Kyrzygstan to kick out a U.S. base, essentially stopping U.S. building up power in Afghanistan.

The world is moving in a bad bad direction, and the MSM doesn't seem to care, or want anyone to know.
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