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How to lie in video
Zombie has a post up showing indepth how a video supposedly showing the cruel and violent police assaulting and arresting a peaceful protester is essentially a lying piece of propaganda.
How the media and left-wing blogs combined to create a police scandal out of thin air

The real story behind the Alicia Forrest/Carlo Garcia arrests.

On Tuesday, August 27, during the Democratic National Convention in Denver, I witnessed an incident that seemed at the time to be rather minor, but which over the subsequent days turned into a major scandal — primarily due to a video posted online by the Rocky Mountain News. This carefully edited video shows Officer Stewart of the Denver Police knocking Alicia Forrest of Code Pink to the ground during a protest, and then, after an edit, Forrest getting arrested by other officers. This video has created a firestorm among left-wing blogs, and also engendered many follow-up stories in the Denver Post, the Rocky Mountain News, Westword, and other mainstream Denver media outlets.
Check out the voluminous amount of context Zombie provides to show how the protester was indeed breaking the law and trying to provoke a reaction that could be creatively edited to slander the police.

One thing that Zombie gets wrong though, is that he says the police hit the woman on the head or sunglasses
Here’s the contextless video again. You can hear Forrest saying “%#&!$’ do it again!”, and then Stewart taking her up on her offer and saying “Back it up, bitch!” as he clonks her on the forehead or on the sunglasses, causing her to fall backwards. The “crack” you hear is not the sound of his baton on her skull, but rather that of her pink plastic bullhorn hitting the pavement and all its batteries falling out.

Carefully watch the video on the site again though, and you can see the officer, using the full length of the baton in a horizontal position to shove the protester backwards, actually connects with her upper body, nowhere near her head.

The protester then clearly stage manages her 'fall' (probably learned by watching soccer matches) and pretends to be stunned by the blow and fall.
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