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Moronic Government Science
News has an article saying that the government committee is ready to give licenses to clone humans to two research groups who have also applied for million dollar funding.

This is the stupidest thing ever. The government has already wasted millions of dollars in red tape to green light a process (Embryonic Stem Cell Research) that has produced zero therapeutic applications compared with adult stem cells (which has around 70 therapeutic applications and counting already).

Worse than this, techniques have already been found to turn adult stem cells into stem cells that have all the flexibility of embryonic stem cells, thus avoiding a costly and difficult procedure and being able to use cells from a patients own body, avoiding any cell rejection issues.

This is on top of the immorality of creating human life to harvest cells and then discard that life. Involuntary human experimentation is an obvious evil.

So, the government has chosen a process that fails morally, scientifically and monetarily. It's a pity we don't have a three strike rule for politicians.
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