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Bad Arguments in Global Warming
In An Inconvenient Truth, Al Gore makes the claim that Big Oil buying scientists is the only reason there are any scientists who are man made global warming skeptics. Other global warming scaremongers echo this cry..."the debate is over - except for a fringe group of scientists funded by Big Oil." ..."It was just the same with smoking and health".

The problem with this attempt to link the tobacco companies attempted perversion of science with global warming realists is this. Tobacco had no where to go for profit....Oil companies can always diversify into 'clean energy' and carbon trading (Much like Al Gore is using the global warming scare to rake in hundreds of millions of dollars)

It comes as no surprise then, that Enron, a huge Oil/Natural Gas company, financed a lot of attempts to create a global warming consensus. It seems 'Big Oil' does have a hand in the debate, but it is on the side of the alarmists. (And yes...NASA scientist James Hansen worked as a consultant to Enron in their efforts to make billions of carbon trading and kyoto).

So...whose science is dodgey now?
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