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NYT Lets the Global Warming Cat out of the Bag
With the last 12 months giving everyone an incredible display of global cooling the New York Times, in it's attempts to keep on the man made global warming band wagon, actually lets slip that something is very wrong with all the global warming scare mongering.
If anything else is afoot — like some cooling related to sunspot cycles or slow shifts in ocean and atmospheric patterns that can influence temperatures — an array of scientists who have staked out differing positions on the overall threat from global warming agree that there is no way to pinpoint whether such a new force is at work.
Let me restate that. Scientists from all sides of the debate agree that there are many other factors that affect global climate, but have no way to tell which factors are currently affecting said climate.

It's basic science that you need to be able to rule out other possible causes [variables]. In experimentation, they run multiple experiments modifying the desired variable, whilst keeping the other variables constant in order to rule out the other variables. Yet, here we have it, in climate science, where the debate is meant to be over and the science is meant to be solid, that a host of other possible causes are not only possible, yet so poorly understood and unable to be ruled out.

The shallow confidence shown by the warming scaremongers is clearly a scam.
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