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Super Tuesday - Why the World Should Hold It's Breath
U.S. Politics are vital to the interests of the world. Why? Because the U.S. is really the only country able to project effective military power. Consider the paths of Afghanistan and Iraq. In one country the U.S. (with minor allies) has a large scale military presence. In another, NATO, has been responsible for military operations (with a very minor U.S. presence).

Whilst many believe the U.S. to be incompetent in their handling of Iraq, consider the mess of Afghanistan. War is messy business. Nothing goes to plan. Things are constantly changing. Those brought up on TV in the 80's and 90's may think that everything always works out first time without casualties (I call this 'A-team mentality'), but the reality is that they almost never do.

U.S. politics matter to the world. The far left recognizes this. This is why you see excess death reports for Iraq from the far left Lancet team (and another report just recently), but you will have to search far and wide for a similar study done on Afghanistan.

The next American president will have to decide how to handle Muslim extremism, Russian military and communistic resurgence and China's expected invasion of Taiwan. Additionally, the Supreme Court (who now essentially decide what law governs America), will have another retirement or two, enough to swing the power of the court either seriously to the left or right. It is indeed a big election.

Which brings us to Super Tuesday (today in the U.s.), the second most important date in the U.S. 2008 elections. It is the day when most of America decides who the democrat and republican candidates for the election will be. On the democrat side, the choice is between Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama. On the republican side, the choice is between John McCain and Mitt Romney (Unfortunately, Huckabee has slide out of contention, with his decline starting around the same time as Joe Carter stopped working for him..hmmm)

So who will be running for president? By the end of super tuesday, it will probably be very clear. I'm not sure I like any of the remaining candidates. Romney is essentially trying to buy the election, which makes me nervous (ever wonder why the democrats almost always seem richer than the capitalists on the right?), but McCain seems to be the least conservative option. But then, which of them can beat Hillary or Obama?

From my view, it will probably be McCain (and maybe Huckabee running for vice) versus Obama (with maybe John Edwards as vice)

So hold your breath, the future of the world is indeed on the line.

A Caveat - I realize that Australia has been able to effect some good in Timor and the Solomons, but these are minor fields of operations. Whilst the Australian military is very good, they are still small.
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