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Bureaucracy will save us all!
Now there is a phrase I would never have thought I would save, but I believe red tape and the slow grind of bureaucracy will save us from doing untold amounts of damage to the world economy and throwing hundreds of millions of people into poverty and starvation.

Although UN aid and the U.S. are already experiencing pain over the foolish green push to use ethanol which has driven up basic food crops prices as well as being worse for the environment, it isn't too late to stave off even worse crises (I wonder if the high oil prices are more to do with OPEC trying to make money before someone cuts off their demand? That would be unexpected)

And bureaucracy is our only hope. Kevin Rudd, whilst talking big on Climate change, is, like most politicians, taking his time in doing anything real about it (Yay for bureaucracy!), and whilst the Democrats may win the US presidential elections, they too will be slowed by the inordinate amount of red tape involved in any massive political change. All this means is that in a few years, the weather will turn cold (just look at the last 12 months), and global warming will be dismissed as a concern and the red tape will appear victorious in the battle against stupid leftist scare mongering. The result will as embarrassing as the non implosion from y2k bugs, but will leave climate scientists happy they have had billions of dollars of funding for the past few years, and Al Gore and Tim Flannery as richer men from all their ridiculously high speaking fees and Carbon Trading scams. Oh well...Lets hope they at least revoke Gorey's nobel prize....
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