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Election 2007 - Politicians and Lies
At least John Howard waited until a few years of being in power before being caught lying. It seems Kevin Rudd is too stupid to manage that political feat and has already obviously lied multiple times to the public before the election...and no, I'm not referring to the numerous political backflips Rudd has done in the name of electioneering (whilst simultaneously hanging his front benchers out to dry....maybe his campaign motto should be, "There is no team in Kevin 07"

First, there was the Strip Club incident, where he "couldn't remember a thing" because he was too drunk, and then suddenly turned around and said he remembered completely and was a 'perfect gentleman'.

Now, we have Kevin's ear wax eating in parliment caught on video, where Kevin says he was apparently just 'scratching'.

If he is too dumb to avoid being caught in multiple lies before the election, he sounds like the perfect labor party candidate, and is probably not politically astute enough to be the leader of Australia.
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