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Anti-War Rhetorical Tricks
The reality debased moonbats over at DailyKos have a great example of a rather lame rhetorical trick that is commonly used by anti-war nutters.
Author’s note: Both Michelle Malkin and Matt Drudge are still young enough to enlist in the military. As such strident war supporters, it’s anyone’s guess as to why neither of them has yet felt the need to pick up a gun and help out, while other troops—some under the age of 25—are beginning their fifth and sixth deployments. With morale plummeting over the war, the military is in desperate need of the type of motivated troopers I’m sure both Malkin and Drudge would make.

Ignoring the fact that the military does not actually have a morale problem, it's actually an ironic attack on Matt and Michelle. Considering the American military is essentially unbeatable on the battle field, the real battle is always going to be the propaganda war. In the military, Matt and Michelle would probably be just your average soldier, hardly a noticeable boost. But in the propaganda war, Matt Drudge and Michelle Malkin are force mulitpliers. They are big guns which is why the loony anti-war nuts over at DailyKos want to get them out of the way.

The deranged dingbats at Kos want to be able to win the propaganda battle and getting Michelle and Matt out of the way would be a big boost to that goal. Fortunately, neither Matt or Michelle are so stupid as to listen to the Kos writers (I mean...who really would be that dumb?). Unfortunately, it seems like the Kos writers want the same outcome to the propaganda war as the enemies of America and the western world.
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