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A Multicultural Shamboles
The UK continues to lead the way in multicultural madness. The latest instance is 'Shambo', a "sacred" bullock, who resides at the Skanda Value multi-faith temple, and has contracted TB. Shambo's Hindu owners have been trying to save him from the destruction he is due on the grounds of religious principles and human rights.

The high court, in the general manner of such courts, has decided to quash the destruction order, once again proving the principle that men wearing dresses aren't necessarily the best judges of what is good for society.

In disease of multiculturalism may now infect thousands of other cattle.

Shambo's case is just another clear example of why multiculturalism is unlivable.

Update: Well, the courts over turned the over turning of the kill order, and the monks tried to use a human shield tactic, but police have come in and removed them. Shambo is on his way....The UK has dodged a bullet, or more accurately, sent the bullet towards Shambo, and away from themselves...

I am an Indian and I happened to chance on your blog at the recommendation of a friend. I am using his google account to respond to this post.

All I can say is this wasn’t a bull who was out grazing in the fields in contact with other animals. He lived in a temple! Presumably they had a little private grazing spot for him, but if that wasn’t sufficient for safely quarantining him, then I’m sure he could have been kept completely inside. As long as the worshippers were willing to comply with reasonable measures aimed at preventing any possibility of spread, then the government should leave their temple and its bull alone.

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