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God as Foundational - Materalistic Evolution Must Be Wrong
That's a pretty big claim. Certainly many philosophers have defended God as a necessary being, but the point I want to talk about is that to even begin to think about truth, materialism must be wrong.

Richard Dawkins provides a clear example of this. In 'The God Delusion' he puts forward the notion that we all evolved, as did our religious beliefs and moral sense of empathy.

Clearly, Dawkins believes that peoples religious beliefs are false (hence a delusion), yet evolution, according to Dawkins (and most other materialists), is responsible for those beliefs. Perhaps those beliefs had some evolutionary/survival benefit he says.

And this is the big point...if we evolved, our beliefs (knowledge) is gained not for it's truth value, but for it's survival value. So what confidence do we or can we have that any of our beliefs are true? Well, none. Certainly there may be many true beliefs that also have survival value, but Richard Dawkins clearly defends the idea that evolution may have generated false beliefs with survival value.

So the big question do you tell the difference? When your beliefs (and your beliefs about your beliefs) can be believed merely due to survival value and not their truth value, there is no way you can have any confidence about ANY belief being 'true'.

So, if evolution is true, then we could never know it.


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