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Endagered Coral Reefs?
The Sunday Mail on the weekend had a scarifying section on how man made global warming was going to destroy our precious great barrier reef.

Like most things the global warming fearmongers claim, this is a stupid and obviously false claim. Consider the headline of this news article.
Climate change may kill Great Barrier Reef by 2050
The article goes on to quote the IPCC which claims the coral reef will be 'functionally extinct' by 2050.

The clues of the moronicity of the IPCC report are even there in the article
"Coral bleaching can occur for a number of different reasons, but more recently, its been occurring because the seas in the tropical parts of the world are becoming too warm," Hoegh-Guldberg said.
Yep. A number of different reasons can bleach coral (essentially killing it), but they know it is all global warmings fault how?

Of course, the real kicker comes from Australian coral geneticists.
Coral geneticists from the Australian Institute of Marine Science have found that many corals store several types of algae, which can improve their capacity to cope with warmer water.

"The potential for this hidden back-up type (algae) to step in and provide nutrition to coral during heat stress is far greater than currently thought," said Jos Mieog, a PhD student involved in the coral study.

The Australian scientists said this "shuffle" ability might explain why coral reefs have been able to survive for thousands of years during various climate changes.

Wow...'Ancient' Coral reefs survived lots of climate change...but somehow the current climate change is going to kill them all off...

Global... Warming... Idiots...

(HT: Tim Blair)
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