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What is Wrong With The World?
The world is a nasty place. Fighting in Israel, Iraq, Sudan, Zimbabwe. Terrorist attacks. Massive Poverty. Abuse. Rape. Corporate fraud. The list could go on and on.

I heard Ravi Zacharias state that the fallen nature of people is the most empirically supported concept in history, yet oddly many still seem to think that somehow we can 'save' ourselves, becoming perfect.

Whilst it would be easy to blame Islam. Or Secular Humanism or capitalism for all the ills of the world, we often use others faults to take the focus off the one thing we really should be looking at. We often focus on the evil outside, but seem to forget that we also need to deal with the evil within.

It is easy to think we are so much better than the Hitlers or the Paris Hiltons of the world, but really, we can never really be sure that we would do better with the same upbringing and opportunities. Power corrupts. Another lesson well supported by history.

Instead of always worrying about everyone else. Perhaps for a change we should worry about the evil within ourselves. The hate, jealously, pride and fear that seems beyond our ability to remove.

Thankfully though, we can get help. Not from others, but from God. Only help from a perfect being makes victory over the evil within us truly possible.

Look within once and a whilst, it is a lesson I often forget.
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