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Stem Cell Breakthrough
A new technique has been found that is able to turn non-stem cells (from skin no less) into essentially what are embryonic stem cells.
Now, three research groups claim to have done just that - by reprogramming adult mouse cells into cells that are virtually indistinguishable from embryonic stem cells (ESCs). If they can repeat their success in humans, hopes are high that such cells could one day be used to regenerate healthy tissues in people with a range of illnesses.
Great news (Will this have any effect on the NSW Government vote on funding human cloning to get a supply of ESC for research?

Note however, that the New Scientist article ignores that Adult stem cells already are "used to regenerate healthy tissues in people with a range of illnesses.".

Heads in the sand until the end....

Update: David from Creation Safari's asks
Keep an eye on this story and on the pro-ES advocates. The article quoted one who said that research on embryonic stem cells remains “absolutely essential.” Why? It is still too early to tell, but if all barriers are removed for use of iPS instead of ES, the reaction of the embryonic stem cell advocates will be instructive. Will the Hollywood celebrities still seek air time for tear-jerking commercials, when no law will be required to overcome ethical barriers that no longer exist? Will the $3 billion California stem cell institute switch to the newer, safer, ethical iPS? Will Big Science lobbyists cease their rhetoric about how ethical objections to ES will leave America scientifically behind the rest of the world?
Some good questions. This new technique is easier and cheaper and has the advantage of the cells already being from the patients body (much like adult stem cells), so now we will see whether those pushing for 'compassionate science' (where compassion means killing human life for research that may some day help someone somewhere) are simply trying to push an agenda that isn't so much about science, but about making the destruction of human life acceptable for scientific ends (eugenics anyone?)
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