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Leading Climate Change Profit Satirizes Self
Tim Blair has a great roundup of Tim Flannery, leading climate change scareitian.

Moving from Flannery's climate change predictions of Sydney's dams being dry, nature has played a cruel joke on him and filled the dams to their highest level in 3 years. If leading climate change proponents can't get such a simple short term prediction right, then why do we think they know any better about long term climate predictions?

Of course, the most telling part is now Flannery says we should stop worrying about 'transient' climate effects like the drought and instead focus on 'the new climate'? As Tim Blair says
In May, the drought was “the most extreme and the most dangerous situation arising from climate change facing any country in the world right now”; a few weeks later, and we should stop worrying about a “transient” weather phenomenon. Flannery is in flat-out flip mode. Not that he’s given up making ridiculous predictions:

Environmental researcher Tim Flannery has warned that Brisbane and Adelaide - home to a combined total of three million people - could run out of water by year’s end.

I’ll take that bet. According to these figures, Adelaide has enough water to last until late January, 2008, even if not a further drop arrives before then. Brisbane has sufficient supplies to last until October next year.
It's all about fear and propaganda. Not about truth.
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