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Wierd News Lag for Mars Global Warming
The Times Online in the UK finally posts a story about how Mars is experiencing climate change. Of course, this story broke several weeks ago.

Tim Blair also links to a former warmenologist who has turned skeptic, Dr David Evans. Read his post, AND the comments for a good discussion of the global warming debate (Yes...there is a debate).

Of special note is that he speculates in the comments that other mechanisms may also be responsible for some of the temperature changes, which one warm-mongerer suggests MUST be the fault of carbon dioxide.

What possible mechanisms? Tim Blair to the rescue again. A darker surface causes more heat to be absorbed and can drive global warming. And what happens with global warming? The snow melts...all that white snowy goodness disappears and the surface of the planet warms even more. Is this the feedback loop we are looking for? Possibly...I doubt they factored that into their 'computer models' though.

As Dr David Evans said..."arguments based on models, when those models are not presented to me in their entirety, are opaque due to their incompleteness. They do not sway me in the slightest; they are just arguments by authority." Remember that when someone tells you that a 'computer model' is proof of their view.
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