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Public Education - A Totalitarian Tool
The problem with government controlled education is that it is used to indoctrinate students into thinking how the education policy makers want them to think. Since John Dewey and his other secular humanist friends jumped on the communist band wagon, we have seen public education used to further the left wing moonbats ends. Indeed, Marx and others realised the absolute necessity of stopping families from educating their children with their own beliefs in order to create their new world order. (Consider Sex-education, removal of prayer and Christianity as some prime examples)

Recent news stories highlight that this trend has not stopped, even though communism and socialism have caused the deaths of 200 million people in a century. One example is the recent conference of Math teachers in New York (Boy, what a fun week that would of been) who proudly discussed how anti-capitalist, socialist agenda's were spread to their unsuspecting students. Another example is a teacher showing 'Brokeback Mountain' to her class.

It isn't about teaching Math or Science. It is about controlling what people think.
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