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Global Warming News Lies
The Australian sources a story from which gets it from the AFP, which uses a report by warmongers Christian Aid, a British aid organisation. From the outset, it sounds like a bad game of Chinese whispers. Of course, the headline of the article is 'Global Warming to displace one billion'. also carries the same headline.

It sounds staggering. Global Warming is obviously a massive issue we should all focus on. Did you want to buy some swamp land?

Even reading the article, it is clear that the report doesn't say that 1 billion people will be displaced by global warming. From the article...
"We estimate that over the years between now and 2050, a total of one billion people will be displaced from their homes," the 52-page report said.
So far so good, but read the next paragraph and the lying, fearmongering headline becomes clear.
The figures include 645 million who will migrate because of development projects, and 250 million because of phenomena linked to global warming like floods, droughts and famine, it said. now the figure is only 250 million. Then of course, you have to look at those 250 million due to 'phenomena linked to global warming'. Floods and droughts and famine....Why, I remember before global warming we didn't have ANY of those things. It must be global warming.

Stupid dishonest alarmist nonsense. Some call it journalism.
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