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Pro-Life Doctors in the UK
The UK Government is getting nervous, as more and more doctors are refusing to train in how to do abortions. With enough people, this will create a crisis in the health care system. T
The NHS abortion service is heading for a crisis because increasing numbers of doctors refuse to carry out terminations, it was claimed.

There has been a big rise in young medics with 'conscientious objections' to abortion.

The increase has been revealed by the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists.

The pro-abortion crowd of course attribute this, not to morality, but to the doctors not wanting the social stigma of performing abortion.
Some senior doctors have blamed declining interest on the lack of 'glamour' involved in the work.

This has been dubbed 'dinner party syndrome' where doctors don't want to admit to their friends that they do abortions.

Many pro-abortionists continue to push the dangerous backyard abortion line.
Chief executive Ann Furedi said "The current crop of medical students have not themselves seen women dying slowly and painfully after self -induced and unsafe aborneurosurgeryin the UK- but if they went to the many countries overseas where abortion is still illegal or only available to rich people, they would see this.
"Abortion is an absolutely essential, life-saving part of medical care - it may not be the most glamorous medical speciality on the face of it, compared to stem cell research or - but it is seen as heroic work by the women that it helps."
Heroic? This woman is pathetic.
I think the saddest line in that story is: "younger people no longer understand or recall the time when abortion was illegal"
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