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Tim Blair reports on some scientists trying to block the DVD release of the BBC4 documentary 'The Great Global Warming Swindle' (GGWS), a film criticising many of the global warming priests claims and features many respected scientists opinions. Yes. There is a debate in the scientific community. Anyone who tells you differently is lying. As the Guardian article Tim links to shows, it is the free speech crushing scientists who are lying and misleading the public.
Myles Allen, a climate scientist at the University of Oxford who signed the letter, said the programme "took a very cavalier attitude to science. There are important issues around climate change that the public should be discussing, but all this programme did was rehash debates that were had and finished in the scientific community 15 years ago."
Not only dishonest, but stupid too. The very fact that climate scientists are involved in the GGWS necessarily means that the debate is not finished in the scientific community. Is this the sort of person you think we should trust with difficult concepts like climate prediction?

The free speech crushing scientists (but they 'support' open scientific enquiry and academic freedom...hmmm..just like democrats 'support' the troops - a pattern emerges) claim that the GGWS claims are 'distorted' and 'misleading'. Pot. Kettle. Black. Of course, you don't see them complaining that 'An Inconvenient Truth' has many distorted, misleading and exaggerated claims. Other scientists yes...these free speech, thought controlling scientists no.

In other propaganda news, notice the original article in the guardian refers to the documentary as a programme and a film, but never a documentary. Global warming is referred to as the 'consensus' (See previous comments on liars). Opponents of global warming are 'known climate skeptics'. How is one a 'climate skeptic' I wonder?

Guy:'s cold today.
Climate Skeptic: Actually, there is no climate at all, so we can't really say it's cold can we?
Guy: Can I borrow your jacket?

It is easy to see where the Guardian writers and free speech crushing scientists. They are obviously believers in the great gaia global warming religion of doom. Repent now. Avoid using toiler paper and believe!


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