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JP Moreland is blogging. His post on journalling and answered prayer is excellent.

Evolutionists continue to ignore the evidence that maybe their age of the earth thing is wrong when proteins are said to have lasted an impossible 68 million years.

Opinion Journal remembers another school massacre in Virginia that was mitigated when students were allowed to carry guns. A Current Virginia Tech student's concern about not being able to carry a gun highlights a big difference between the left and the right. The left tries to solve every problem by using the government. The right continues to encourage personal responsibility. The Australian newspaper falls on the moonbattery side of the debate, lamenting the lack of chance for a ban on guns in America. Someone should remind them that the worst school massacre in American history, the Bath School disaster, had no guns.

Richard Lamm, former democrat governor of Colorado on how multiculturalism is deadly to a nation.

The UN Human Rights Council passed a non-binding resolution restricting peoples right to free speech. The free speech in question? 'Defamation' of religion, particularly Islam.

Apparently, France's chief export Europe is the ability to surrender. British schools are dropping the holocaust from history lessons due to fear of muslims.

Want to know how to pose for photos to make yourself look skinnier? Look no further.

Concerned Women for America claim that fake hate crimes are being used to force homosexual activist legislation through congress.

Woman who want to share about their grief at having an abortion are considered 'aggressive' by some moonbats in control of the Canadian Union of Public Employees. What's next? No crying at funerals?

Small dead animals has some more photo's that global warming moonbats can use to lie about endangered animal habitats. In other global warming moonbat news, it seems Tim Flannery, 'exaggerologist', has contracted Al Gore's chilling disease.

In screen news, Sony has unveiled the sexy new OLED display, a 9mm and 3mm thick flat screen.

Stand To Reason highlights an excellent anecdote that demolishes pluralism and multiculturalism
The British general Charles James Napier assigned to British-run India was informed that he just didn't understand Indian customs. He couldn't ban the practice of wife-burning, he was told, because it was an ancient and valued tradition in India. He said he understood and appreciated that. It was just that "my country also has a custom." he explained. "We hang people who burn women." His custom won out.

Moonbats whine when conservatives use anything approaching a slippery slope argument. It seems however, that they are often right to use that sort of argument.

Stand to Reason has a post about the future of marriage using studies from a number of countries to show that changes of marriage and family law correlate strongly with the devaluing of marriage itself, and lead to bad effects for a society. Such evidence is obviously not worth noting by the 'reality-based community' of Californian democrats who continue to push for homosexual marriage.

In other homosexual activist news, the UK has it's first case against an Anglican Bishop for refusing to hire a man in an active homosexual lifestyle. Another case to watch is whether an Austrian court rules that a chimpanzee has human rights.

Tim Blair highlights the growing alliance between the moonbat left and islamofacists.

Scott at LTI-Blog highlights how to respond to critics of prolife usage of descriptions of the partial-birth abortion procedure.

Democrats in the U.S. are apparently terrified of debating the Republicans on anything other than their own biased media. Fox news is just too scary. in related news, Ex BBC employee Robin Aitken highlights how badly biased the BBC is to the left. He calls it 'A Powerfully corrosive internal culture'. The UK's hard earned tax dollars at work.

In related bias news, Verum Serum has details about how Christians are being portrayed as terrorists. on Law & Order, BBC's 'Spooks' and now as a high school terrorism exercise. Considering the incidences of a Christian terrorist activity with the over all instances of terrorist activity that is like portraying a democratic president as moral. Of course, Marxist students attacking Christian schools would never be used as an exercise.

Of course, although Sam Harris may not admit it (another reality-based moonbat I guess), religion has many positive effects. One more is that religiosity is useful in preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS.

Steve Jones highlights how dishonest evolutionists have been lying for a long time about how evolution is anti-God and created to be against God. hint.... Darwin himself started it.

Democrats are apparently for free speech and freedom of information. Just don't ask them to let you record what they say.

For laughs, check out Tim Blair's coverage of Peter Garrett's parlimentary smackdown and other obvious signs that Peter Garrett is clueless when it comes to the poor and the environment. This is why celebrities make bad politicians.

And finally, in the golden 'Duh' award. A study has confirmed that a doctors worldview affects how they view the world. I'm Shocked! Shocked!!!
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