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Adult Stem Cells Cure Diabetes!!!
Note the three exclamation marks!!!

I know a few people with diabetes, so this is personally very exciting news. Out of 15 patients, all but 2 have not needed daily insulin injections for the last 3 years. That's huge. Somewhere around 8 to 20 million people in the world have type 1 diabetes and require regular injections of insulin in order to survive.

Add this to the list of amazing successes of Adult stem cells.

As an annoying aside, the times online is pathetically dishonest in trying to link the adult stem cells successes with (the completely failed) embryonic stem cell process and then proceeds to try and bash President Bush.
Stem cells are immature, unprogrammed cells that have the ability to grow into different kinds of tissue and can be sourced from people of all ages.

Previous studies have suggested that stem-cell therapies offer huge potential to treat a variety of diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and motor neuron disease. A study by British scientists in November also reported that stem-cell injections could repair organ damage in heart attack victims.

But research using the most versatile kind of stem cells — those acquired from human embryos — is currently opposed by powerful critics, including President Bush.
Woeful. Completely woeful. Shame

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