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Front Page Mag has the tale of Ruth Malhotra, a conservative Christian at Georgia Tech, that you need to read. The tale outlines the death threats, the pressure and bias coming from the supposedly tolerant left staff and students at Georgia Tech that should concern anyone who values free speech, freedom of religion, and freedom of political expression.

Ruth has experienced
* Being failed by a lecturer for being an active conservative Christian
* Pressure and derision by the universities administration to cease her activities
* Discriminatory application of speech codes. Allowing leftists to say exactly the same things that she was required to not show on placards
* Threats of violence and death threats
* A campaign to smear her, including racial insults.

Read the whole is a warning of the future where the government forces your children to learn about the 'equality' of homosexuality, where pastors can be jailed for preaching that homosexual activity is a sin.
Wow, that is a shocking story, in Atlanta no less. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. I agree that this is the future, but becoming all too common in the present.
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