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By any worldly standards, Rick Warren is a huge success. He was featured as one of Time magazines most influential individuals in 2005. He leads a huge mega church and is often called 'Americas Pastor'. Christians everywhere, read his book, listen to his talks and follow his advice. Personally, however, I am very cautious about him.

Take for instance his PEACE plan which is supposed to deal with the 5 biggest problems the world is facing. What are the 5 biggest problems according to Rick Warren?
* Spiritual Emptiness.
* Egocentric Leadership.
* Extreme Poverty.
* Pandemic Diseases.
* Illiteracy and lack of education.

Warren has identified some big issues, but lacking from his biggest problems is Abortion. More humans are murdered every year through abortion than die due to poverty, disease and war combined. So why is abortion left out?

My guess is that it is the price of consensus. Abortion is a controversial issue. The world is divided. Why tarnish the plan with the real social justice issue that dwarfs all the others, when that will make some people not like part of the plan. Pretty much everyone agrees that Poverty, Diseases, Corrupt Leadership, Illiteracy and lack of education are huge problems. It is easy to come down on the side of dealing with them. But when it comes to an unpopular Christian position, Rick is nowhere to be heard. The same can be said with Rick and homosexuality.

Rick, as a Christian, is meant to be salt and light to the world. Unfortunately, his PEACE plan seems to taste the same as world.
While I agree Rick tends not to take public stands against controvercial issues like abortion, I actually read his P.E.A.C.E. website and I don't think he's compromising here. The primary problem, spiritual emptiness, is defined as "over 4.5 Billion people in the world do not know Jesus Christ." The "P" stands for Plant Churches. I can't disagree with that. The more Christians there are who actually walk the faith, the fewer abortions there will be. I see the "P" as addressing the root cause of man's sinfulness, as opposed to the symptom of abortion.

The E, A, and C are also all new testament biblical mandates to Equip Servant Leaders, Assist the Poor, and Care for the Sick. The E, Educate the next generation, is not strictly biblical but has been a part of Christian's world view for centuries.

I'd withold judgement on his initiative until you see the fruit.
I agree completely that having more Christian's will mean there are fewer abortions. But that isn't the issue.

Why not? Because I could also use the same argument to say that Rick didn't need to include E,A, or C.

I would also argue there is a clear biblical mandate to protect those who can't protect themselves. So why then is abortion not mentioned? It is certainly the biggest social justice issue in existence today....
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