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Hickslotto and Iran Predictions
Tim Blair has asked for bets on David Hicks' sentence length. I choose 12 years, with time already served counted. I also predict he will lose weight in the barbaric Australian jail system.

And whilst we are on predictions, I predict Britian will continue to dither, and after much 'diplomacy' by the British the UN will finally pass a resolution condeming Iran and calling for the hostages release, Iran will ignore it. Iran is already under sanctions for its Nuclear program, so the UN is essentially powerless, unless it agrees to military action. This will never happen.

Iran will continue to try and use the prisoners for PR within and without Iran, and continue to go back on their promises such as the one they made to Faye Turney and then broke.

After about 3 months, Britian and or the US will rescue the hostages using a surgical strike/special forces operation.

And the safest prediction yet....many of the left will continue to provide aid and comfort to the enemies of the west, making excuses and running inteference for the holocaust denying madman leading Iran who wants to destroy Israel with nuclear weapons. America's Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi provides a great example.

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