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The Global Warming Diet
Verum Serum has an interesting post casting human caused global warming as a fad diet.
Of course just what constitutes a “proper diet” is anyone’s guess. Search the word diet on Google and you’ll get 151 million links. Good luck sorting all that out! The reality is, most of us just sift through the handful of diets that some expert or some media figure (Suzanne Sommers, Oprah, etc.) has told us works. And I will say, it’s not a totally foolish way to go. After all, a diet that has millions of fans is likely better than one that has none.

A few years ago (eight?) I read three or four books and studied the claims of a few of the major diets. I finally settled on Atkins, mostly because his claims about the glycemic index seemed to make sense and to have some scientific basis (unlike, say, the marshmallow diet). I tried Atkins and did indeed lose some weight. Some time later, there was an Atkins backlash and I actually argued with people who told me Atkins didn’t work therefore it couldnt’ [sic] have worked for me. What do you say?
Interesting....I may use that for a talk...

What is more interesting is the BBC4 documentary 'The Great Global Warming Swindle' which can be found on google here.It is worth watching, as it has lots of people who you would think are not simply bought by business or religiously motivated to deny human caused global warming. Scientists, including IPCC scientists and Patrick Moore, co-founder of Greenpeace make comments.

As another aside, the whole human caused global warming thing reminds me of the Y2K doomsdayers, especially the media. Y2K was the problem of computers storing only the last 2 digits of a year, so when the date changed to the year 2000, all manner of horrible things were going to happen when the computers thought it was 1900. Lots of people made a lot of money to deal with the massive crisis of Y2K, yet there was almost not a single glitch when the time came. It was all a beat up...a sham. Work certainly needed to be done, but it wasn't a crisis. The real problem was the people who cried wolf for Y2K were the very people who had the most to gain. Sounds a lot like global warming to me.
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