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Religious Discrimination In Action
I missed this earlier, but a Young Earth Creationist received a PHD for his thesis on Mosasaurs, and was promptly attacked by all and sundry. I'm not sure whether the explosive response was due to the thought that a YEC might use the credentials to promote YEC or because it broke their hallowed and shallow perceptions about how YEC must be stupid.
Although his thesis advisor describes his work as "impeccable", some have "argued that his religious beliefs should bar him from earning an advanced degree in paleontology", according to the New York Times.
That is religious discrimination, pure and simple.
News of Marcus Ross' degree also reached the ears of Paul Z. Myers, a professor of biology at University of Minnesota, Morris. On his blog, Pharyngula, he calls Ross a "trained parrot" and wants the university to "review their doctoral programs".
Of course, these are the people who pretend to be 'objective' and complain when a YEC organisation requires scientists to sign a faith statement. Such double standards are common when the fanatical wing of evolutionism is trying to stamp out the 'heresy' of YEC.

Telic thoughts also has another post on how another university professor things they should just flunk anyone who thinks ID might be accurate.

So essentially, this is just a slow increase of the same method of bias that currently controls peer review. Stop the debate about evolution by denying the other side a voice as much as possible.

The evolutionist inquisition continues.
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