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Tim Flannery and the War on Warm
It's official. Australia has been sucked into the war on warm. Tim Flannery, a paleontologist who is an outspoken neo-environmentalist (neoenv) has been made Australian of the Year.

Flannery and his neoenv coalition of the chilling have spread lies and fear with their imminent threat rhetoric. Clearly, given the focus on fossil fuels, this War on warm is all about the oil. All the whilst, Flannery and his flunkies are lining their own pockets with lucrative contracts given out to help fix the non-existant danger they have created with their own policies.

People's basic freedoms continue to be eroded by this neoenv movement, with fines and 'taxes' being imposed on the general public, forcing them to tow the war on warm line. Free speech is being taken away as people who disagree with this neoenv administration are being silenced to allow the big lie to continue.

Worse still, this war of warm doesn't look like ending anytime soon. It is a quagmire of geological proportions, that is needlessly costing the tax payers billions of dollars.

We need to impeach Tim Flannery and his neoenv goons now...if only we could find a peach tree.

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