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Quick Links From the Culture War
Human Rights Watch (HRW) is being increasingly seen as anti-semitic and dishonest. The NY Sun has a damning article about HRW's complicity in the pathetic ambulance missile story and how it condemns Israel whilst giving Hezbollah a pass. The HRW report on the ambulance incident makes it clear it has no evidence, and worse, that the evidence is against a missile attack, but they still maintain that the ambulance was attacked by a missile from an Israeli drone.

Maureen Condic, at First Things has a great article on what we really know about Embryonic Stem Cell research (ESCR). Let me summarise...we know that they don't work when trying to treat non-embryo's. Read the whole thing.

Spain has started using sex selection Eugenics to avoid the chance of a mother passing on a genetic eye disease.

The leftist media and entertainment industry continues to bash Bush and the right. The latest case, Spiderman.

With all the figures being thrown around about casualties in Iraq, civil war and the like, it seems that less people are dying today in what is called 'war', than in Saddam's rule, even using conservative figures.

Leftists always complain about the religious right being anti-science when they morally oppose research like ESCR, yet get researchers trying to help farmers by working out how to stop Ram's being homosexual, and it is the homosexual lobby who wants to 'stop' science. The question isn't who is trying to stop scientific progress, but whose morals are being used to rule society. There is no moral neutral ground.

Update: It seems this Ram/homosexual research story was a lie put out by PETA who is conducting a campaign against the researchers in question. I, and the reporters who wrote the stories are quite sheepish about it all.
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