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Tim Blair links to (and dissects) an Age opinion piece from Tracee Hutchinson. Check out Tim's post, but there was something incredibly ironic in Tracee's post that I had to point out. In complaining about the hot temperatures (in summer...who woulda thought), she laments
Then we watched as the heat-fuelled madness boiled over in a suburban drag race, spilling its pent-up youthful angst inside a video store. It was the kind of thing locals said they'd never seen before. They were shocked and dismayed at this sobering kind of first.
She then concludes her post saying
Because this week some people chose to take personal responsibility for the problems that have begun to challenge the way we live and some people chose the mealy-mouthed path of me-focused complaint.

Which one were you?
Did you catch that? First, it was 'heat-fuelled madness' and 'pent-up youthful angst' that caused criminal behaviour. It was all the heats fault don't you know...How Tracee can then talk about personal responsibility is beyond me. Personal responsibility would not be blaming criminal behaviour on the weather (or the full moon? Do we now have 'swelter-wolves' as opposed to 'were-wolves'?).
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