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Wikipedia Unbalanaced on Intelligent Design
William Dembski is reporting how several WikiPedia Admin's are engaged in a hatchet job on him and other ID leaders.
A small group of Wikipedia admins with a grudge against ID have been running amok with no oversight performing and/or allowing hatchet jobs on ID and its leaders. It’s long past time to expose what they’ve been doing. Wikipedia is far too popular and reliable source of information, especially for school children, to let this travesty of justice continue. Please keep comments on topic. The Wiki horror stories are great!

Update: I have three people who have biographies on Wiki who’ve written to me privately with similar tales as those in the comments. I expect several more as word gets around. FeloniusMonk’s name is coming up more often than JoshuaZ’s. I’ll collect all the complaints for a couple days then see how each wants to proceed.

Ringleaders: FeloniusMonk and JoshuaZ

Rubberstamps: Guettarda and KillerChihuahua
Wikipedia may be useful for some things, but on any topic which has any serious debate, it has to be considered highly suspect. As the biased administration of Dembski and Johnson shows, quite a few admins happily ignore the normal telling both sides approach and instead hope to indoctrinate those looking for information, not propaganda.

Read the comments on this post too, as they highlight even more cases where the wikipedia crew is trying to control the 'truth' rather than being unbiased.
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