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After years of bullying Christians, secular humanists are accusing a British Airways employee of being conniving, insecure, selfish, and ungrateful for wanting to wear a cross whilst at work. Pot. Kettle. Black.

Flopping Aces has a good roundup showing how the Associated Press is shilling unsubstantiated propaganda for the other side. This time, it is using a fake police officer as a source, repeatedly, even after they have been told. The Main Stream Media really is the enemy. Michelle Malkin also has details.

The Guardian has a pathetic article on the 'neurological danger' of prayer. What is the danger? Essentially mental RSI. How much of a danger? Well...they have this one case.

The generic war on christian christmas also continues, in the US and Europe.

On other non-suprising fronts. The evolutionary tree of life is still in shambles. Religion was there from the beginning of man, on whoever's time frame you use. Scientists now think there are 3 ancestral families of humans (Just like the bible says with Noah's sons). Scientists have found a massive volcanic eruption caused tidal waves and other flow on effects approximately 8000 years ago. Homosexuality is highly correlated, and preceded temporarly, with dysfunctional family life, especially on the fathers side.
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