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Ted Haggard, Morality and Dawkins
Ted Haggard, president of the National Association of Evangelicals has been accused of having a sexual relationship with a male prostitute. In response Ted has resigned his presidency, and asked for an investigation of his affairs by his eldership.

Other than the accusation by the prostitute involved, to date, no other evidence has surfaced, and Haggard denies any such activity. Stand to Reason and David Frum are both highlighting that the frenzied leftist response and talk of hypocrisy are illogical and plain old dumb. Failing morally does not make you a hypocrit, only human. As Melinda at STR says
A hypocrite is someone who says they believe what they don't; it is not someone who doesn't live up to their values and ideals. That only makes us human, which is the starting point for the Gospel. Unfortunately, our moral failures give many skeptics an excuse to reject any serious consideration of Christianity.

Another point I would make is the guilty until proven innocent stance that many people are taking. It seems they WANT him to be guilty. Maybe they think they will feel better, be less morally convicted if it was true.

On a side note, All this hubub over Ted Haggard has brought a discussion between him and Richard Dawkins to my attention. YouTube has the video. I find it amazingly ironic that Dawkins is worried that Ted is teaching his congregation to be certain about things, when 'mature' people know there is no such thing. Consider how certain Dawkin's is about that....Or how certain he is that religion is harmful? This is the problem with the atheistic evangelists like Dawkins. Their very position, its entire foundation is contradictory and thus irrational.
Just so you know, the link to the YouTube site has been taken down:
"This video has been removed at the request of copyright owner IWC Media Limited because its content was used without permission"

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