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Whilst I am still stupid busy, there are a bunch of links which are well worth reading.

Eugene Volkh highlights how a recent decision by the supreme court of New Jersey shows that the slippery slope argument about homosexual marriage is correct.

America (and Australia) continue to lose ground in education and literacy. This is despite the fact that Intelligent design or creation science are taught in class. One of the worst hit, Yale.

Speaking of lack of education, the Climate Change, End of the world type people continue to lose ground. A few choice items. We have more known stores of oil now than before. Inconvienient weather patterns continue to cast doubt on global warming, let alone our ability to predict weather patterns. Some people are starting to realise that people are producers and innovators, not just drains on the planet, and because of this, our contibution to polution is lessening.

Apparently, oral contraceptives increase the risk of breast cancer by 44%. Who would think that continuously taking doses of hormones would have a harmful effect?

The New York Times ombudsman admits to treason. Well, what else can you call it when he admits that the newspaper was wrong to release details of a secret, but legal program designed to track terrorists. I seem to recall the lame plame case where impeachment and trials were called for.

The BBC also have admitted its left leaning, anti-christian bias.

Lessons from history also show that the left is willing to commit treason (albeit unchallenged) in order to try and gain control of the country.

Apparently, a committed pacifist, peace activist who assaults a young man and cause grevious bodily harm is 'a serious, intelligent, hard-working and utterly decent young man of talent and ability'. Well according to this judge anyway. Travesty.

Chuck Norris is now a columnist for World Net Daily. Chuck gives credit to his wife (who he married in 1998) for bringing him back the God and Christianity and saving him.

The battle against abortion continues to rage, with a combined catholic and evangelical statement against it coming out. A doctor at the Corner, highlights how many abortion supporters argue against the clear scientific truth that life begins at conception. U.S. Supreme court justice Scalia has stated that the U.S. constitution does not contain a right to abortion. Outrage has started over a hospital burning aborted babies in their rubbish incinerator.

In Creation/Evolution news, scientists continue to undermine old age and evolutionary beliefs with new findings. Just a few from creation safaris.
* A key reference rock, used as a time reference for many other locations, formed 5 times faster than previously thought. Whoops. Time to redo the text books. But it was a fact!.
* Oxygen continues to be a problem for origin of life scenarios.
* Early embryo shows a lot of complexity, even though simple life was meant to be first.
*It seems gold can form really quickly, adding it to the many other things that were meant to take a lot of time to form, like fossils, rocks, oil, coal, diamonds.
* Also, a supernova has been redated to 1/5 of it's previously 'factual' age.
* Finally, evolution can be fast or slow, shining light on just how useless it is for explaining things or predicting anything.
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