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North Korea - Rhetoric or Madness
With the recent 'nuclear tests', which many people are wondering whether they succeeded or not, it is important to look at what those wacky North Korean leaders are saying. And what are they saying? That the next war will be fought on 'the continental US, with major cities transformed into towering infernos'. Rhetoric or madness... you decide.

Just remember, it was humanitarian aid that helped North Korea get the bomb.
But an aid policy initiated by the Clinton administration in the mid-1990s to finance two light water nuclear reactors in North Korea puts the isolated communist country on the fast track in the manufacture of nuclear weapons, William R. Graham and Victor Gilinsky told members of the House Policy Committee.

North Korea's missile proliferation has accelerated dramatically since the Clinton-Gore administration began giving aid to the regime in 1994.
Yep...Give nukes to the communists...well done lefties!
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