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Communism and Naive Journalists/Unionists
Repeat after me. There is no freedom of the press in communist countries. No freedom of information. No non-governmental think tanks. No independent evaluators.

So when A south australian teachers union journal tells you that Cuba's education is first class and there is a 100% literacy rate (yeah...perfection in any society..sure), it is pretty darn clear that they are naive, ideologs who have little clue of reality.

Putting it simply (for any communist cheering unionists who may read this).... There is no way to tell what the quality of education is like in Cuba. There is no hope of getting any unbiased information from the government or the controlled population.

The one thing we do know is that tens of thousands of people risk death to escape to America every year. Their stories of how bad it really is, and why they risked death to leave are a clear indication that all is not rosy in Cuba, and that some unionists are so clueless that you have to worry about the state of education in THIS country.
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